NSK State Exchange
NSK/New York

In accordance with the applicable rules and laws of the NSK State, the NSK State Reserve makes the following
public announcement:

To finance new and ongoing operational costs, the NSKSR shall issue two tiers of bonds for the fiscal year 2016, covering the period from May 1, 2016 to May 1, 2017. Upon purchase the counterparty will receive the bond and, on the occasion of each new currency edition during this period, they will receive a disbursement of the new currency.

NSKSR will use proceeds from the bond issue for the purpose of creating and maintaining distribution channels with NSK State citizens worldwide to request one-time currency disbursements. They will also be used to defray operational costs incurred by currency creation, including substrate, printing and stamping materials, postage, and facilities maintenance. Neither this issuance nor resultant projects will compromise or endanger the Reserve's status as a state entity or violate the terms of its charter.

All bond distributions will be signed and numbered by principals of the NSK State Reserve. Bond prices may fluctuate. The size (bill count) of each distribution will vary. There are no restrictions on the manner in which these notes may be retained or distributed upon transfer to the bond holder.


Tier 1:

A new bond for the Tier 1 market, printed on 1921 New York Central Railroad substrate featuring both Grand Central Terminal and the Slovene Acropolis.

Expiry July 31, 2017.

Limited edition of 10.


  For the serious investor, these bonds are printed on 1922 debt issue from the Weimar Republic.

Limited edition of 10.





Tier 2:

Our most accessible bond, printed on a 1968 Pan American Sulfur Corporation substrate.

Limited edition of 100.