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About NSK/NY

NSKNY is comprised of citizens of the NSK State and others interested in the works and philosphies of Neue Slowenische Kunst in the New York area and beyond. It was formed following the First NSK Citizens' Congress in 2010, and maintains diplomatic ties with other NSK State groups around the world as well as members of the IRWIN collective.

On this site you will find media and documentation of events NSKNY has organized and participated in, as well as NSK State Folk Art created by its members. Our principal aim is to apply a uniquely American and New York perspective to the works and philosophies of Neue Slowenische Kunst. We also provide local diplomatic services for the NSK State.

If you are a US NSK State passport holder, we encourage you to submit your credentials to the Passport Registry. The Registry will not be published online but will be used solely as reference for NSK New York. Your information will not be shared or sold to third parties.

NSKNY Representatives